About Us

Military Family Life offers information, resources, and encouragement to celebrate all that is inspiring, challenging, and unique in military life.

Military Family Life is an online resource published by Elva Resa Publishing, an award-winning, independent publishing company whose mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Elva Resa is the leading US publisher of books for and about military families.

Our Team
Our authors are a talented group of internationally-known writers and speakers with experience and expertise in a wide range of topics. We have firsthand experience living military family life.

We work with military and community organizations, family support groups, nonprofits, schools, health care companies, legislators, and many other groups to advocate for military families and to produce quality resources that support military family members of all ages and service branches.

Military Family Life uses a limited number of freelance articles by experienced writers. If you have a story idea for Military Family Life, please contact Terri Barnes, our editor.

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