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Sue Hoppin, Mike Kelly, Don Beyer, Janet Breslin, National Military Spouse Network

Military Spouse Hiring Act: 4 Ways to Take Action Now!

The National Military Spouse Network (NMSN) has been spearheading a grassroots effort to bring forward legislation to help with the challenge of military spouse unemployment. The Military Spouse Hiring Act, a set of two identical bills in the US House (HR2974) and Senate (S3909), would expand the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) to include military spouses. Here are four things you can do to help get the bills passed by the end of the year.
Journaling Together as a Family - Military Family Life

Journaling Together as a Family

Journaling is usually thought of as a solitary activity. After all, who wants to share their innermost thoughts, worries, fears, and dreams with others? But Rachel Robertson, author of three journals for military family members, offers three tips on how to make journaling a beneficial family activity.
financial togetherness

Make a Date for Togetherness in Financial Planning

Working out a budget may not sound like the most romantic way to spend an evening, but togetherness in financial planning is an important investment in any marriage, says Marine spouse Lizann Lightfoot, author...
Corie Weathers Sacred Spaces

Corie Weathers: Sacred Spaces and Authentic Stories

The guidance and encouragement Corie Weathers offers to military spouses is not abstract. It’s concrete, drawn from her daily life as an army spouse and mother of two. Corie is the author of Sacred...

Keeping Traditions in Transition: Making Spirits Bright.

By Terri Barnes In military life, holiday traditions are like military families: portable and adaptable. Because they celebrate in many different circumstances and locations—sometimes even in mid-move—military families look for creative ways to make spirits...